California Liquor License Connection

About Us

California Liquor License Connection is a full-service LIQUOR LICENSE broker and consulting company providing liquor license and licensing services to businesses throughout California.

Why choose C.L.L.C.?

Because we focus exclusively on California Liquor Licenses we are able to stay current with the complex and ever-changing laws relating to liquor licenses and provide you with valuable, detailed information about the licensing trends, values, and activities in all 58 California Counties.


And with over 25 years of combined experience, we have the resources and the ability to quickly resolve most liquor license related matters. That leaves you free to focus on running your business!

Our competitive license prices and reputation for quality service are just two of the many reasons why California business owners prefer buying their liquor licenses at C.L.L.C. By including additional services with your liquor license purchase, C.L.L.C. is able to expedite the liquor license process and assure buyers that their licenses will issue at the very earliest date.

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We welcome you to take advantage of our professional representation and request our comprehensive 30-day-listing agreement. It's simple, renewable at your option, and cost-effective because we pay all of your marketing expenses.

There is no cost to you, the seller!

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